Camera Packages

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Panther 2500
Remote View Web Interface

Panther 2500
Multi Site Remote View Utility

CCTV and Video Surveillance

CCTV (closed circuit television) surveillance solutions can give you the tools you need to run and protect your organization. CCTV equipment is a strong deterrent against theft and fraud, and gives you the documentation you need to audit activity and make decisions. Eagle Security offers a wide range of advanced digital video technology - allowing you an unprecedented level of organization and control over your video surveillance data - and access to it from anywhere in the world.

  • Deter theft and fraud
  • Discourage workplace violence and false accident claims
  • Help protect employees and others
  • Remotely view live or recorded video
  • Save time and money with intelligent digital video search tools

CCTV Products

  • Security Cameras
    Eagle Security carries a full line of closed circuit television cameras and lenses (size and type) for your different surveillance needs. We also carry specialty cameras, such as infra-red, low-light and night vision cameras.
  • Digital Recorders
    Eagle Security has a solution for your digital recording needs, from a single, one-channel, man-portable unit for covert surveillance, to a facility-wide distributed enterprise system.
  • Monitors
    Eagle Security carries a full line of monitor types, sizes, resolutions and formats to include LCD, Flat Panel and Touch Screen capabilities.
  • Remote Viewing
    Eagle Security has a number of solutions for remote viewing from IP-based cameras to web-based browser software.
  • Touch Screen Systems
    Intuitive, fast and flexible - from 17 inches to 42 inches, Eagle Security can provide a touch screen solution for your CCTV needs.


  • Monitor Service
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Bail Enforcement
  • Private Investigations
  • Personal Protection Services
  • Armed/Unarmed Guard Services
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Covert Cameras
  • Remote Off-Site Surveillance Systems
  • Card Access Intercoms
  • Telephone Entry
  • Vast Detection
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Opening/Closing Reports

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