Gibralt Doors

Is your front door really strong enough to prevent a home invasion?.

If someone really wants to enter your home and you have a wooden door or a wood frame, they probably won't have any trouble getting in. All a burglar has to do is apply strong force with a battering ram, a steel box or maybe just a heavy boot. Once they're inside your home, your family's safety and your personal belongings are at risk. The Gibralt Door®

Eagle Security Services now offers added home protection with Gibralt Doors. We do a full installation to give you and your family peace of mind. Don't be the victim of a home invasion.

Door Information:

  • The Gibralt Door is made of 20-gauge steel.
  • Door latch and up to 12 deadbolts are attached to a steel frame, and secured to your home with 16 fasteners.
  • Steel door latch plate, steel hinges and the steel door frame are attached to your home with 42 to 50 sturdy fasteners.
  • Our skilled Eagle Security technicians do a thorough and professional installation of Gibralt burglar-proof doors.
  • All installations also come with a free security needs analysis of your home and recommendations will be made for a Life Safety System and CCTV system.

Why Wood Isn't Good Enough.

While wood is beautiful and traditional, it's not sturdy enough to protect you, your home and your family from a modern-day home invasion or even a simple burglary.

  • The average door is built on a 3/4-inch wooden frame.
  • Even a top-quality deadbolt lock set can be ripped from its wooden frame with heavy blunt force.
  • Long screws embedded into wood are a minor deterrent, especially to someone with the proper tools. It just takes a little longer to penetrate, but not much.
  • A door with a wooden edge won't stop a burglar from ripping it right off the hinges.
  • If your door edge or frame is made of wood that's 1 1/2 inches thick, it can be splintered with determined force.

Startling Statistics According to FBI statistics, there are more than 2 million home burglaries every year.

  • 85 percent of burglars come in through the door.
  • 65 percent of home invasions involve a sexual assault.

Don't be a statistic. To learn more about how a Gibralt Door can protect your home and your family from a home invasion, call Eagle Security Solutions today at 1-888-8EAGLE1, locally at (757) 673-4704 or by filling out the “Request Additional Information form” on this page.



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